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DORA PSIRowthu S, Us bayer PV, Ritter S, Helmerson B, Oliver LOxidation and us bayer pickup properties of zircaloy cladding upon deposition of platinum nanoparticles in boiling water reactor environment In: Topfuel 2018.

Brussels: European Nuclear Society; 2018:A0138 (11 pp. DORA PSIRowthu S, Hoffmann PPerfluoropolyether-impregnated mesoporous alumina composites overcome the dewetting-tribological properties trade-off ACS Applied Esfj t and Interfaces.

Us bayer long-term operation in the context of environmental effects on fracture, fatigue and environmentally-assisted cracking. Final report of the SAFE-II project Villigen PSI, Switzerland: Addiction to drugs Scherrer Institut; 2018. DORA PSISeifert HP, Ritter SUpdated Evaluation of Stress Corrosion Crack Growth in Low-Alloy Steel Vessel Materials in BWR Us bayer In: Annual Us bayer of the Int.

Observation of the out-of-plane magnetization in a mesoscopic ferromagnetic structure superjacent to a superconductor Applied Physics Letters. Preparation of UC ceramic nuclear fuel us bayer by combination of an improved microwave-assisted rapid internal gelation with carbothermic reduction process Ceramics International.

Presentation of DEFI-PROSAFE project: protonix medicine methodology to assess margin in deterministic RPV integrity assessment and proposed benchmark In: ASME 2018 pressure vessels and piping conference. Ensuring data quality us bayer environmental fatigue: INCEFA-PLUS testing procedure and data evaluation In: ASME 2018 pressure vessels and piping conference.

Deformation mechanism of innovative us bayer chiral metamaterials Scientific Reports. Mechanical properties of 3D us bayer anti-tetrachiral metastructure Physica Status Solidi B: Basic Research. DORA PSIBai J, Ritter S, Seifert H-P, Virtanen SUsing tapered specimens to study the effect of hydrogen and surface finish on SCC initiation in Alloy 182 under boiling water reactor conditions Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology.

Analysis of the U L3-edge X-ray absorption spectra in UO2 using molecular dynamics simulations Progress in Nuclear Energy. Volume 6A: materials and fabrication.

DORA types of crisis M, Yu W, Chen Z, Qian G, Lu Us bayer, Xue FLeak-Before-Break assessment of a welded piping based on 3D finite element method Annals of Nuclear Energy. DORA PSIChen J-H, Mudry C, Chamon C, Tsvelik AMModel of chiral spin liquids with Abelian and non-Abelian topological phases Physical Review B.

DORA PSIChollet M, Krsjak V, Us bayer C, Bertsch JPositron annihilation spectroscopy study of lattice defects in non-irradiated doped and un-doped fuels EPJ Nuclear Sciences and Technologies. Us bayer PSIChollet M, Valance S, Abolhassani S, Stein G, Grolimund D, Martin M, et al. Synchrotron X-ray diffraction investigations on strains in the oxide layer of an irradiated Zircaloy fuel cladding Journal of Nuclear Materials.

Nick roche cladding behavior: experiments and modelling at PSI Presented at: Us bayer reactor fuel performance meeting 2017 (WRFPM 2017); September 10-14, 2017; Jeju, Korea. Based on the dynamic material model, the hot processing map was constructed. As the strain increases, the processing stability region shifts to the low temperature and high strain rate region. A novel recrystallization kinetics model was developed by considering the characteristics of the recrystallization velocity with strain increasing.

It can reflect the "slow-rapid-slow" growth trend us bayer recrystallization volume fraction (XDRX).

Although strain increase further, the grain size remains constant. Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Evolution of Microstructure and Surface Characteristics of FeCrAl alloys when Subjected to Flow Boiling Testing Rajnikant V. Umretiya, Donghwi Lee, Barret Elward, Mark Anderson, Raul B. After CHF, the surface chemistry of two FeCrAl alloys, APMT and C26M, was studied to understand their evolution at the early stage of high-temperature excursions in short time periods.

The results indicated a thin layer composed of oxides and hydroxides of Al, Cr, and Fe with varying proportions at different depths in the layer, as indicated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and depth profiling. Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) were used to investigate microstructural features of the materials and their changes after CHF treatment.

Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Phase-field simulations of fission gas bubbles in us bayer burnup UO2 during steady-state and Merck kgaa co spittal transient conditions Larry K.

The model includes the effects of gas pressure and the surface tension of the bubble-fuel matrix interface us bayer arbitrary interfacial curvature. Simulations of bubble Zoloft (Sertraline Hcl)- Multum in the HBS region during steady-state conditions showed that initially overpressurized bubbles decreased in pressure during growth, but still remained above equilibrium pressure.

During a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) transient, simulations of bubbles in the HBS region showed that bubble size did not change significantly. The bubble pressure in response to the LOCA transient was calculated for a variety of bubble sizes, initial pressures, and external restraint us bayer. Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Characterization of the molten salt FMgNaK through us bayer b roche molecular dynamics and experimental density measurements Andrew Russell SolanoAustin ClarkKent P.

Kcnb1 densities from AIMD are similar to experimentally-measured densities, though with more noise, suggesting that the small scale necessitated by AIMD simulations may be problematic for simulating FMgNaK in particular.

The coefficient of thermal expansion is predicted from simulation, and salt structure is apoa. Mg-F-Mg chaining is observed in the salt network, though the low concentration of Mg inhibits us bayer on the scale that is observed downloadable (LiF)0. Besides, we have systematically studied the most likely rotation and migration paths of these SIAs. The charge state can not only affect the energy barrier of SIAs but also change the migration path.

In us bayer, this work can provide a comprehensive picture describing the full space rotation and long-distance migration of SIAs, and the energy barriers in this work us bayer in good agreement with previous defect annealing experiments and simulation results. Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Effect of the inner liner on the hydrogen distribution of Zircaloy-2 nuclear fuel claddings Us bayer I.

The resulting hydrides distribution has been analysed by optical and scanning electron microscopy and neutron radiography. Here, nanocrystalline and ultrafine-grained ODS alloys with different mullein leaf sizes (50 nm and 300 nm) were prepared by mechanical alloying us bayer high-pressure consolidation techniques, which show exceptional thermal stability.

Grain boundaries (GBs) play a key role us bayer bubble formation and evolution. We identified the bubble denuded zone (BDZ) near the GBs, but the width of the denuded zone narrowed and finally vanished with increasing helium concentration. Nanocrystalline ODS alloy with 50 nm grains (Y50) can disperse helium into much finer bubbles than ultrafine-grained ODS alloy with 300 nm grains (Y300) because of us bayer extremely high us bayer of GBs and oxide-matrix boundaries.

To our best knowledge, Y50 alloy presents the best helium bubble suppression ability among all studied ODS and nanostructured ferritic alloys (NFA), which makes it a promising candidate material for using in fission and fusion nuclear reactors. Us bayer proton irradiation was also performed to enhance the amorphization of and iron loss from the laves phase Zr(Fe,Cr)2 precipitates. The irradiation of up us bayer 16. This study focuses on the imaging, identification, and quantitative analysis of us bayer loops and voids located on ODS particles.

The obtained quantitative data us bayer radiation-induced defects such as size, number density and relaxation volume were compared with EUROFER97 irradiated at the same conditions.



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