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For exact search enclose your search term with "quotation marks". We use cookies in order to provide the best possible website experience for you. You are free to choose the categories you would like to permit. Further information can be found in our Privacy Statement. In general, a tumor refers only to abnormal growth of tissue that leads to swelling. The growth can be benign or, in the case of cancer, a malignant tumor or neoplasm. Abnormal tissue growth is caused by disrupted tissue homeostasis, where cell division outcompetes cell death.

In malignant tumors, the underlying mechanism is the acquisition of mutations the secret of a long life proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes over time. Mutations responsible for tumor formation and evolution are called driver mutations and are usually accompanied by passenger mutations that play no essential role. In their landmark reviews, Hanahan and Weinberg (PMID: 10647931 and 21376230) define two enabling characteristics, genome instability and the secret of a long life and tumor-promoting Inflammation, that lead to the eight hallmarks of cancer, defined in the table below.

Stemming acquired capabilities necessary for tumor growth and progression is the key to treating many forms of human cancer, and investigational drugs are being developed to target each of the enabling characteristics and hallmark traits.

Today, tumors are recognized as organs of similar or greater complexity than healthy tissues. The biology of a tumor can be understood only by studying all specialized cell types it contains, as well as its local microenvironment or stroma (PMID: 21376230).

Cells of the tumor microenvironment. Solid tumors consist of several distinct cell types. Collectively, these cell types enable tumor growth and progression. Immune inflammatory cells present in tumors play a particularly important role, being able to both promote and arrest tumor growth (PMID: 21376230). A tumor has three layers of heterogeneity: intertumoral heterogeneity, akin to the heterogeneity among normal organs; interpatient heterogeneity based on differences in mutational profile, microenvironment and other factors; and intratumoral heterogeneity (PMID 24048066).

Intratumoral heterogeneity is caused by intrinsic differences among distinct subclones of tumor cells, as well as the cell composition of the tumor and its microenvironment. Not all tumor cells of a patient or even of a solid tumor carry the same mutations.

Instead, tumor cells provide diverse genetic and epigenetic characteristics subject to natural selection (PMID: 28187284). This clonal evolution further complicates the molecular analysis and treatment of solid cancers.

Only this minority of tumor cells can regenerate and sustain tumor growth when injected into immune-compromised mouse models (PMID: 17875704). The first cells in the tumor hierarchy are called cancer stem cells (CSCs; PMID: 19064739).

CSCs give rise to all daughter cells of the neoplastic lineage, and likely cause metastases and relapse after definition indications (PMID: 16990388). Characteristics of tumors are modeled in lab animals, most frequently mice, to better understand tumor biology, treatment, and resistance in less complex situations.

These human tumor xenografts are the gold standard of research methods for areas like drug discovery, cancer stem cell biology, and metastasis prediction.

Compared to in vitro cell culture models, human tumor xenografts show higher validity for most assays (PMID: 19005462). Tumor tissues may need the secret of a long life be stored and shipped over prolonged time periods if specimens the secret of a long life collected from multiple sources, at different time points, or simply cannot be processed immediately.

Enzyme-free, mechanical dissociation methods can release a portion of loosely connected infiltrating immune cells. More tightly connected cells, like fibroblasts, macrophages, tumor, endothelial, and dendritic cells, require proteolytic enzymes to efficiently break down extracellular matrix and cell-cell contacts.

Crude digestion enzymes have variable specific and non-specific background activities, often due to contamination by other enzymes during manufacturing processes. As a result, some enzymes cleave cell surface epitopes relevant for analyses.

In addition, frequently observed lot-to-lot inconsistencies can bias results of downstream experiments, from cell isolation to flow sorting and analysis.

Miltenyi Biotec developed a straightforward method that combines mechanical dissociation and enzymatic digestion to yield single-cell suspensions with high numbers of all cellular subpopulations present in a tumor. Lot-to-lot consistency of enzymes and automation of the mechanical dissociation step ensure reproducible results. Epitope preservation list (human)Seems like you are coming from International. Do you want to visit our website in your country. Is it for cytokines. Miltenyi Biotec distribution: As a global market leader with numerous subsidiaries and distributors, Miltenyi Biotec is committed to providing our customers around the world with the highest quality products.

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