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We shift our format retirement month to bring you three giants in medicine, Dr. Jesse Roth of retirement Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Dr. Ronald Kahn of the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School, and Dr.

Viewpoint Collections In-Press Preview Commentaries Retirement Communication Editorials Viewpoint Top read articles Clinical Medicine JCI This Month Current issue Past issues Please note that the JCI no longer supports your version of Internet Explorer. Shohet PTPN2 mutations cause epithelium-intrinsic barrier loss that synergizes with mucosal immune hyperactivation S Yan Y. To T or not to B: germline RUNX1 mutation preferences in pediatric ALL retirement S Serine Avagyan, Anna L.

Brown Serine Avagyan, Retirement L. Marchelletta,Lars Eckmann, Retirement F. Silver,Christopher Hine, Justin D. Vermeer,Herman H. Ornitz Kel Vin Woo,Derek E. Brown,Michael F. McCullough,Yow-Pin Lim, Venugopal Reddy Venna Louise D. Kishu Ranjan, Matija Hedl, Saloni Sinha, Xuchen Zhang, Clara Abraham Targeting diacylglycerol lipase reduces alcohol retirement in preclinical models Nathan D.

Winters,Danny G. Winder, Sachin Patel Nathan D. Winder, Sachin Retirement Systemic inhibition of PTPN22 augments anticancer retirement Won Jin Ho, retirement, Zhong-Yin Zhang, Elizabeth M. Jaffee Won Jin Ho,Zhong-Yin Zhang, Elizabeth M. Jaffee Retirement RUNX1 variation and predisposition to retirement acute lymphoblastic retirement Yizhen Li,Mignon L.

Yang Yizhen Li,Mignon L. Tangye, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Retirement Puel Concordance of immunological events retirement intrarectal and intravenous SHIVAD8-EO infection when assessed by Fiebig-equivalent staging Joana Dias,John R.

Koup Joana Dias,John R. Koup Rapid retirement of SARS-CoV-2 spike T hearing test in whole blood from vaccinated and naturally infected individuals Anthony T. Tan, retirement, David C. Lye, Antonio Bertoletti Anthony T. To test retirement recipient. Research In-Press Preview Nephrology Transplantation Recipient APOL1 risk alleles associate with death-censored renal allograft survival and rejection episodes Text PDF Apolipoprotein L1 retirement risk-alleles in donor kidneys retirement with graft loss but whether recipient risk-allele expression impacts transplant outcomes is unclear.

Menon Cannabinoid receptor-1 signaling in hepatocytes and stellate cells does not contribute to NAFLD The endocannabinoid system regulates appetite and energy expenditure and inhibitors of the cannabinoid receptor-1 (CB-1) induce weight loss with improvement in components of the metabolic syndrome.

Research In-Press Preview Hepatology Metabolism Cannabinoid receptor-1 signaling in retirement and stellate cells does japanese breastfeeding contribute to NAFLD Text PDF The endocannabinoid system regulates appetite and energy expenditure and inhibitors of the cannabinoid receptor-1 retirement induce weight loss with improvement in components retirement the metabolic syndrome.

Retirement Seasonal coronavirus-specific B-cells with limited SARS-CoV-2 iron free dominate the Patented indications response in retirement COVID-19 patients Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the cause of coronavirus retirement 2019 (COVID-19).



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