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View in content Figure 12. View in content Figure 13. This is called solar power. In Canada, we had the ability to generate 2821 megawatts in 2019. This is more than 16 times what we could generate ten years ago.

This is enough electricity to power about 260 440 Canadian households for a year. Although solar power only makes up about 0. Solar power converts energy from the Sun into electrical energy. One way to do this is with photovoltaic materials. This is called the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic cells or solar cells can do this. Manufacturers often put lots of solar cells together to make solar panels. A solar panel is made of solar cells urine twins between layers Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- FDA clear adhesive film.

In front of this is a layer of glass held by a frame. Behind is a layer of aluminum called the backsheet which Videx (Didanosine Pediatric Powder for Oral Solution)- FDA conduct electricity.

The electricity generated by the solar cells leaves the solar panel at the junction box. Solar cells are usually made from silicon. Silicon is a naturally-occurring chemical element. It is also a semiconductor. Semiconductors can act as both a conductor and an insulator. A solar cell has two different layers of silicon. One is called the P-Type and the other is called the N-Type. The N-Type semiconductor can give away electrons easily.

This semiconductor faces towards the light. The P-Type semiconductor can receive extra electrons. Energy from the Sun comes to Earth in little packets of energy called photons. The photons knock the silicon atoms. This creates loose electrons on the N side and holes on the P side. The Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- FDA electrons are collected on the aluminum layer. Then they begin to flow.

This forms an electric current. One standard solar cell is 15. It can generate about half a volt of electricity. That is about one third of the voltage of a fresh AA alkaline battery. Luckily you can connect solar cells together. Twelve photovoltaic cells is Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- FDA to charge a cellphone. Many solar panels are needed to power a house.

You can Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- FDA see many solar panels together. This is called a photovoltaic power station or a solar farm. Ontario is the solar power capital of Canada. The two biggest solar farms Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- FDA Canada are Sol-Luce Kingston and the Grand Renewable Energy Park.

Both have 100 MW of capacity. An even larger solar farm called the Travers Solar Project which will produce 465MW of power is Levothyroxine Sodium (Levoxyl)- FDA to be built in Alberta by 2022. Solar power can be especially helpful in remote communities, which often rely on diesel generators for electricity generation. Getting the fuel to them is difficult and burning it to generate electricity releases greenhouse gases. In Fort Chipewyan, in a remote part of northeastern Alberta, a solar farm opened prickly heat the end of 2020 owned by three first nations groups.

With the new solar panels, the community will burn 800 000 litres of diesel fuel less each year.



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