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As indicated in table 5 below, half of physicians felt pressurized by patients to prescribe generics. Majority of physicians, 73.

Yes 15 50 No 15 50Governmental role in controlling and enforcing physicians To prescribe generics. Yes 21 70 No 9 305. Most physicians in this study were roche hldj genus their late thirties in age. They were mainly practicing clinicians for an average period of experience that exceeded 10 bayer desmodur. The result shows that the physicians had an overall good attitude and practice regarding generic prescribing in guidelines cystic fibrosis other studies showed similar findings (16).

Fifty six percent of the respondents expressed that they did support generic substitutions in most cases but there are some situations Infanrix (Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis)- FDA it will not be appropriate and 33. Other studies in Slovene general practitioners reported that majority of physicians supported generic substitutions in most cases (7).

The majority of physicians also reported that they knew about the price difference between brand name and generic drugs. Also, they strongly agreed that the price difference helped them to switch to a generic prescription; this is similar to findings in other studies (7).

The purpose of this study was to assess the attitude and practice of physicians regarding generic drug prescribing in Girum, Hayat and St Gebreal hospitals and to identify factors that influence physicians to prescribe generic drugs so that the result of this study could be used to address the pressure that physicians experience and to encourage them to evicel generic drug names.

Conclusion Physicians in this study support the use of generic substitutes for brand name drugs when they are available and appropriate for the patient. While they say there are some drugs with narrow therapeutic indices that should not be substituted even when required by a third party, they also report feeling pressure from patients and health care administrators to prescribe generics. They do have positive attitude towards generic drug prescribing concerned with therapeutically equivalence with brand name drugs.

The findings of this study indicate Lamivudine Tablets and Oral Solution (Epivir-HBV)- Multum physicians are faced by multiple and sometimes competing forces to prescribe either brand name or generic drugs.

Supporting forces for generic prescription include physician knowledge about generic Lamivudine Tablets and Oral Solution (Epivir-HBV)- Multum effectiveness and price differences, a positive attitude among physicians towards generic drugs, the influence of patients on prescribing generic drugs and the government role in supporting generic prescription. On the other hand, factors that work against generic prescription include the influence Lamivudine Tablets and Oral Solution (Epivir-HBV)- Multum the brand name drug companies and the use of drugs with a narrow therapeutic index.

Further studies are needed to explore situations and factors where switching from brand to generic drugs may not be advised. Overall, it can be argued that the organizations to a moderate extent influence the prescription of drugs. Since the current study was based health college respondents working at Girum, Hayat diprosalic ointment St Gebreal hospitals, Addis Ababa the results might not be entirely representative.

Therefore a much broader research should be conducted in other hospitals to determine whether the same results would be found. Borger C, Smith S, Truffer C, Keehan S, Sisko A, Poisal J, et al. Health spending projections through 2015: changes on the horizon. Pharmacy Lamivudine Tablets and Oral Solution (Epivir-HBV)- Multum plans and prescription drug spending. Ess SM, Schneeweiss S, Szucs TD. European healthcare policies for Controlling Drug Expenditure.

Rocchi F, Addis A, Martini N. Current national initiatives about drug policies and cost control in Europe: the Italy example. J Ambul Care Manage. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) what are Generic Drugs. Bertoldi AD, Barros AJ, Hallal PC. Generic drugs in Brazil: known by many, used by few.



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