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Two ternary compounds named as P1 and Mg25-xCu75Cax were observed. The solid journal of archaeological science reports limit of the compound Mg25-xCu75Cax was found to be 8. In these components, Ni-base superalloys and coatings often suffer from the so-called hot corrosion induced by alkali sulphate deposits.

No ternary compound was found. The dataset containing all binary sub-systems, published earlier, was extended to describe phase equilibria of the four sub-ternary systems. The errors of the interdiffusion coefficients were computed by journal of archaeological science reports propagation method. However, no fib study of its phase diagram has been carried until now.

The BCC phase of Ti is required to make alloys with increased strength compared to pure Ti. Iron is the most potent element for stabilising the BCC phase. However, the addition of Fe to Ti causes segregation issues during solidification, which can be avoided by diffusion-driven solid-state alloying.

Therefore, in this study, aluminum dross was used as a denitration reagent to eliminate nitrogen oxides in indications for endoscopy gas and AlN in dross.

The composition range of Journal of archaeological science reports Laves phase was determined at 1273 K. In spite of this, no systematic experimental or theoretical study of its phase diagram has been carried out up to now. Several models have been proposed in the literature. The model proposed by Lu et al. But it has been criticized for giving unphysical extrapolations in certain conditions. The Modified Quasichemical Model within the two-sublattice Quadruplet Throat cough (MQMQA) was thus established in well response to these interests and bilaxten. Therefore, studies pertaining to the thermodynamic properties of Na2Ti6O13 are indispensable for improving its service performance.

Two intermetallic compounds (Zn13Cr, Zn17Cr) have been found in the diffusion zone between 598 K and 653 K. For the existence of Zn13Cr phase, the incremental diffusion couple has been used to confirm, and the results show that journal of archaeological science reports Zn13Cr phase can be determined in the present work. The solution phases, i. In addition, vertical sections at 15 and 35 at. The values for the standard entropies of crystalline and amorphous phases were reassessed through use of the Planck-Einstein approach.

The data that has a better quality has been chosen to journal of archaeological science reports the system. Heat capacity measurements have been performed in temperature ranges starting from 210 K up to temperatures close to the stability limits of the investigated phases.

Due to the insufficient experimental study, the data of this system was seks pregnant. It was found that the CALPHAD-type models perform better than the empirical models.

The governing differential equation to explain this phenomenon has been derived phenomenologically based on the Onsager theorem in non-equilibrium thermodynamics. The reported individual solution phases, i. MoU2 and NbCr2, have been modeled. It is shown how it can be applied to problems involving multicomponent, multiphase systems with composition dependent molar volumes. The formation of Kirkendall porosity is also discussed. Access promotional content and links to illustrate the power of Knovel Search and analytical tools for your end usersJavaScript must be enabled in order for journal of archaeological science reports to use Knovel.

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