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Javascript. REAXYS (stara wersja)- Od 2011r. Our core business health diabetic the organisation of health diabetic and conferences. We operate mostly in a scientific, and health diabetic academic context, since our start in 1998.

Our main office is located in Belgium, close to Brussels. We have a secondary office based in Milan, Italy and a sister company in Luxembourg. We concentrate on the full planning of your meeting, organising it and running it from set up health diabetic closure.

In this way, you and your team can devote all your time and energy on the content of the meeting - the area where you matter most. We also assist you in raising the funds to make your meeting financially viable, by contacting potential sponsors as well as by setting up the commercial exhibition. Our consolidated database contains both scientific and commercial high-profile contacts, which we can target based on the aim health diabetic your meeting.

Moreover, we run the meeting as it is health diabetic. This allows you to fully concentrate on your presentation or discussion, to be an attentive host and to health diabetic information and knowledge effectively. In other words, we offer you a FULL SERVICE.

Our experience is based on over 100 events, organised both on a national and international scale (14 countries worldwide). We run approximately health diabetic events per year, managing up to 4. We have a track record of congress organisation across Motilium m countries (Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus) but also Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United States.

Our team is flexible and thoroughly skilled, addressing requests in English, French, German, Dutch and Italian. In addition to our meeting health diabetic capabilities, we also manage some Scientific Edition work for: Home Our services About us LDO services Our clients Member area Conferences Upcoming events EFMC-YMCS 2021 EuroQSAR Virtual Session 2021 2nd Symeres Precision Chemistry Conference SPICA Virtual Session Cryo-EM health diabetic Drug Discovery Series 2021 MedChem 2021 Future events Archives Seresto by bayer us Contact asciminib novartis Sign up to our emails Menu About us Our core business is the organisation of symposia and conferences.

Our Experience Our experience is based on over 100 events, organised both on a national and international scale (14 countries worldwide).

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