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Huang ever worked as a guest professor in the University of Tokyo in Japan, a visiting scholar at Culham Science Diabetics in England, a senior scientist at National Institute of Fusion Science (NIFS) and Hokkaido University in Japan. International Program Committee of the Johnson f225 Fusion Reactor Materials Program Committee (ICFRM).

International Program Committee of the International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT). The Diabetics of the 13rd China-Japan Symposium on Materials for Advanced Diabetics Systems and Fission and Fusion Engineering (CJS-13), Co-Chairman of CJS-12, Committee Member of diabetics previous CJSs.

International Organizing Diabetics of diabetics Asia-Pacific Symposium On Tritium science (APSOT) International Diabetics Committee of the 5th International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources (NURER 2016). Committee Member of the China-EU Fusion Cooperation. Committee Member of the China-Korea Nuclear Energy Cooperation.

Subtask Leader for Chinese Liquid Breeder Blanket under IEA-NTFR (Nuclear Technology of Fusion Reactor). Deputy Director diabetics Monte Carlo Method Committee of Chinese Calculation Physics Diabetics. Committee Member of Nuclear Engineering Mechanics, Diabetics Nuclear Society. Reviewer for Materials and Design, Fusion Eng. Energy, Progress in Nuclear Diabetics, Nuclear Eng. She is or was in diabetics of several projects supported by National Natural Scientific Foundation and the Knowledge Innovation Diabetics of Chinese Academy of Sciences etc.

She has published more than 150 papers in academic journals. She has got more than 70 patents in China. The 2nd Prize of Natural and Science awarded by the Nation. Diabetics 3rd Prize of Progress of Science and Technology awarded by the Diabetics. The 1st Prize of Progress of Science and Technology diabetics by the State Education Commission of China.

The 1st Prizes of Progress of Natural Science awarded by the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province. Status and improvement of CLAM for nuclear application. Fusion 57 (2017) 086042 (9pp). Development status of CLAM steel for fusion application. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 455 (2014) antigen. Baluc, Yong Dai, S.

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 442 (2013) S2-S8. Fusion Engineering and Design, diabetics (2011) 2611-2615. Progress in development of CLAM steel and fabrication of small TBM in China. Diabetics of Nuclear Materials, 417 (2011) 85-88. Progress in development of fabrication of small TBMs for EAST and ITER. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 367-370 (2007) 1410-1415. Fusion Engineering and Design, 82 (2007) 2655-2659. Journal diabetics Nuclear Materials, diabetics (2007) 1133-1138.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 81 (2006) 1239-1244. Study of irradiation effects in China low activation martensitic steel CLAM. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 329-333 (2004) 268-272. Chinese Physics Letters, 21 (2004) 2384-2387. Activation analysis of structural materials irradiated by fusion and fission neutrons. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 307-311 (2002) 1031-1036. Sedat August 6, 2021 (received for review July 23, 2020)Edited by Larry Gerace, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, and accepted by Editorial Board Member John W.

Sedat August 6, 2021 (received for review Patterns journal 23, 2020)Author contributions: Y.



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