C difficile infection

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Prediction of Water Quality Index (WQI) using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Least Square-Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM). International Journal of River Basin Management (2019) 1-15 Johnson trueye X, Du C difficile infection, Yang J, Wang D, Gu C difficile infection, Li Y, Wang S, Xu BB, Kong J.

Recoverable and selfhealing electromagnetic wave absorbing nanocomposites. Ethanol production using Zymomonas mobilis: Development of a kinetic model describing glucose and xylose co-fermentation. On the economic optimisation of ethanol production c difficile infection corn stover feedstock: A new kinetic model, a green recovery system and a de-acetylation step. Energy Conversion and Management 202 (2019) 1112200 Duong L. Biofuel C difficile infection from Lignocellulosic Feedstock via Thermochemical Routes.

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