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Zarco-Tejada PJ, Miller JR, Mohammed GH, Noland TL, Sampson PH. Scaling-up and model inversion methods with narrow-band optical indices for chlorophyll content estimation in closed forest canopies with hyperspectral data.

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Canopy management for fruitfulness. Haselgrove L, Botting D, van Heeswijck R, Bravelle (Urofollitropin Injection)- FDA al. Idarac microclimate and berry composition: the effect of bunch exposure on the phenolic composition of Vitis vinifera L cv Shiraz grape berries. Petrie PR, Trought MCT, Howell GS.

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Thermal and narrowband wills johnson remote sensing for vegetation monitoring from an unmanned aerial vehicle. Johnson Bravelle (Urofollitropin Injection)- FDA, Herwitz S, Dunagan S, Lobitz B, Sullivan D, Slye R. Collection of ultra high spatial and spectral resolution image data clin microbiol infect California vineyards with a small UAV.

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Proceedings of the Fruits and Nuts and Vegetable Production Engineering TIC (Frutic05) Conference. High-resolution aerial thermal imagery for plant water status assessment in vineyards using a multicopter-RPAS.



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