What do nick and the members of his family usually do or what

Useful what do nick and the members of his family usually do or what sorry

Solids 161 (1993) 177-181. Julsrud Thermodynamics of the ZBN glass-forming system J. Solids 161 (1993) 86-90. Wittwer Some Thermal and Optical Properties of a New Transparent Silica Xerogel Material with Low Density Solar Energy Mat. Julsrud Viscosity and density of molten barium zirconates and related melts J.

Solids 161 (1993) 152-56. Johannesen Electric and catalytic properties of doped LaMnO3 Solid State Ionics 65 (3-4) (1993) 86-90. Mitomo Mechanism of Grain Growth of b-sialon J. Julsrud Phase equilibria in the binary systems ZrF4LaF3 and ZrF4AlF3 J.

Solids 140 (1992) 69-72. Julsrud Phase cells in the glass-forming system ZrF4BaF2 J. Solids 140 (1992) 73-76. Wittver Some thermal and optical properties of a new silica xerogel material with low density Proc.

SPIE 1727, Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion XI: Selective Materials, Concentrators and Reflectors, Transparent Insulation and Superwindows, 352 (November 25, 1992)R. Thovsen A thermodynamic and experimental study of the electrochemically induced cooling of the anode in Hall-Heroult cells Metallurgial Transactions B - Process Metallurgy 22 (6) (1991) 831-837. Johannessen Interface layer in a solid oxide fuel cell Electron Microscopy and Analysis, Inst.

Julsrud Structure, properties and reactions of CaO in burnt lime. Design of a new model of burnt lime Scand. Ystenes Experimental and Theoretical Spectra of Stoichiometric Complex Ions in Oxochloroaluminate Melts Vibr. Julsrud On the orthorombic to tetragonal phase transition in YBa2Cu3O7-x Physica C 162 (1989) 546-547. Rytter FTIR reflection spectra and structure of molten chloroaluminates containing alkaline-earth chlorides or oxides Microchim. Acta 2 (1988) 381-383.

Einarsrud Band distortion in emission and specular reflection FTIR spectroscopy Microchim. Acta 2 (1988) 307-309. Julsrud Optical properties of Y-Ba-Cu-O, an ellipsometric study Solid State Commun. Sandvold The effect of atmosphere on the thermal expansion of YBa2Cu3O7-d near 90K and 220K Physica C 153 (1988) 828-829. Julsrud High-resolution specific heat measurements in the ceramic superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-d - anomalies near pfizer email and 220K Physica C 153 (1988) 1026-1027.

Julsrud Thermodynamics of the ternary system ZrF4-NaF-BaF2 Mater. Sci Forum 32 (1988) 543-648. Julsrud Specific heat anomaly at 220 K connected with superconductivity at 90 K in ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-d Nature 330 what do nick and the members of his family usually do or what 637-638.

Rytter Structure and Stability of Solid and What do nick and the members of his family usually do or what Complexes in the MgCl2-AlCl3 System J. Kleppa Thermodynamics of the ternary system Na2O-P2O5-B2O3 Z. Diaz Fleming Tetrahedral XY4 Apa citation Application of the Keating Bendings to the Degenerate Vibrations Z. Acta 50 (1986) 1201-1204. Open positions (PhD and post doc. Group Leader: Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud E-mail: mari-ann.

Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud mari-ann. Two of our group members won prices at the Faculty of Natural Sciences yearly award ceremony; Dr.

Dennis Meier was awarded the highly prestigious price for 2017. The project Heterostructure optimization and novel epitaxy yielding chalcogenide-oxide magnetic bilayers, lead by Associate Professor Ingrid Hallsteinsen, was granted Research Project for Young Talents-funding from The Research Council of Norway.

Scientific staff Professor Mari-Ann What do nick and the members of his family usually do or what Green Chemistry, Biomedical Ceramics, Thermoelectrics, Ceramic Fuel Athletes foot and Membranes Assoc.

Prof Julia Glaum Biomedical Ceramics, Green Chemistry Professor Cock pumping Grande Aluminium Reduction, Ceramic Fuel Cells and Membranes, Green Chemistry, Thermoelectrics, Biomedical Ceramics Assoc. Prof Ingrid Hallsteinsen Thin film deposition, Spintronics, Interface engineering Assoc.

Prof Hilde Lea Lein Ceramic Fuel Cells and Membranes Professor Dennis Meier Functional Topological Defects Assoc. Prof Daniel Rettenwander Battery Materials Assoc. Prof Zhaohui Wang Materials Modelling, Battery Materials, Aluminium Reduction Adjunct Assoc. Maria Valeria Blanco Battery materials for Li-ion batteries Dr.

Mir Mehraj Ud Din Solid state batteries Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Khalid DFT simulations of Ferroelectric domain walls for electronics Dr. Ursula Ludacka ATRONICS: Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics Dr.

Mariia Stepanova Topological spin textures Dr.



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